Councillor Rydes T Machekera
His Worship the Mayor
As newly elected Mayor of Chegutu Municipality, I want to thank fellow policy makers for showing confidence in me by electing me as Mayor for Chegutu Municipality for the period 2023-2028. It is indeed an honour for me to be serving the Municipality, residents and stakeholders in the office of Mayor.
This is my second term in office as a Councillor. As Mayor of Chegutu Municipality, I value the principle of teamwork between and among fellow Councillors, management and the residents of Chegutu, which should see us overcoming challenges that our Council face. Indeed, it is my vision that Chegutu Municipality should transform into a modern urban settlement with sufficient services consistent with the status of a Municipality. This is not a pipe dream but a vision that we can collectively achieve. 
Cllr Mukombwe ward 1
Councillor Kimpton Mukombwe
Ward 1
Mayor Ward 2
His Worship Councillor Rydes T Machekera
Ward 2
Councilor Collen Mapfumo ward 3
Councillor Collen Mapfumo
Ward 3
Councillor Stanley Banda
Ward 4
Councillor Alice Kundhlande
Ward 5
Cllr Kerina Musiwa ward 6
Councillor Kerina Musiiwa
Ward 6
Cllr Chihoro ward 7
Councillor Oncemore Chihoro
Ward 7
Cllr Collen Mhara ward 8
Councilor Mugove Collen Mhara
Ward 8
Councilr L Tigirigi Ward 9
Councillor Loice Tigirigi
Ward 9
Cllr Alfred Mombeyarara ward 10
Councillor Alfred Mombeyarara
Ward 10
Cllr Trynos Shava ward 11
Councillor Trinos Shava
Ward 11
Cllr Edward Dzeka Ward 12
Councillor Edward Dzeka
Ward 12
Farisai masuka Womens Quota
Councillor Farisai Masoka
Cllr Veronica Mangoti
Councillor Rosemary Mangoti
Cllr Makurumidze Emma
Councillor Emma Makurumidze
Cllr Catrisher Machingura
Councillor Catrisha Machingura