Housing Department

The Department is responsible for provision of housing accommodation/ stands for low income, medium income and high income categories of Chegutu residents. During the period 2017-2018, the Municipality continued to provide and allocate more residential stands to beneficiaries. The Municipality opened up 151 medium density stands in Kaguvi Phase IV measuring between 800 to 2200 square meters. More than 50% of the stands have since been allocated to beneficiaries, some of whom have already started developing their properties.

On the other hand, there has been increased activity in the Kaguvi Phase IV suburb in terms of property development as a significant number of beneficiaries have since developed housing structures and occupied their properties. The project has availed close to 2,000 high density residential stands measuring an average of 300 square meters and has significantly reduced Council’s Housing Waiting List.

Council has 2 clinics namely Pfupajena and Chinengundu and the latter has a maternity facility which is currently being equipped to provide first class maternity services. Council provides educational services through its 2 primary schools, namely Chinengundu and Kaguvi Primary School.

The Municipal library provides convenient study environment and Council is working towards equipping the facility with electronic reading and learning facilities. Social amenities for sports and recreational services through Pfupajena Stadium, swimming pool and community hall. Council also provides psycho-social support to the vulnerable groups within the society. To read more about sections under Health, Housing and Community Services Department click on the Links below:

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  2. Environmental / Public Health
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