Town Clerk

jacobThe Town Clerk is the head of the organization or the Chief Executive Officer who is responsible for the overall management of the Council business. The Town Clerk Superintends overall council departments namely Finance, Central Administration, Health, Housing & Community Service and Engineering Department, which are all headed by Directors. Since joining Chegutu Municipality in 2005 the Town Clerk implemented a deliberate strategy of re-branding Chegutu Municipality into a credible, service delivery-oriented local authority, in the background where the organization’s systems had been weakened.

To achieve the re-branding objectives, it was necessary to recruit substantive Heads of Department and section heads to effectively and efficiently man the various portfolios of Council. Notably, between 2005 -2008. the local authority was not attractive to most qualified professionals hence filling of the vacant HOD posts such as Director of Central Administration/ Chamber Secretary, Director of Engineering Services and Director of Financial Services etc. However, we ultimately managed to fill in the above-stated positions with qualified and experienced professionals between 2009-2010 which set the stage for improvements on the service delivery front.

Service delivery is always a function of the working relationship between officials. Councillors and ratepayers and the Municipality has managed to strike the right codes in sustaining this relationship. The result has been a significant improvement in provision of such Municipal services as water supply and sanitation services, a highly accessible road network, with various low income, middle income and high income housing projects also being implemented to provide housing, industrial, commercial and institutional accommodation to the citizens of Chegutu and investors.

Contemporary local government practice demands sustainable working relationships between the local authority, residents, stakeholders and development partners. Over the past 10 years. Chegutu Municipality has nurtured viable working relations with its stakeholders such as residents' associations, business community. SMEs. development partners and government within the broader participatory development framework. Despite the current economic challenges. Chegutu Municipality continues to post significant progress both in terms of service delivery and capital development. Councillors, management and staff have a common purpose to improve the provision of services such as water and sanitation as well as housing delivery so that the built-up environment and the Municipal standards match with modern day cities. The Municipality has engaged the highest gear towards accelerating service delivery and we are proud of our achievements so far. and with residents/ ratepayers and other stakeholders playing their part, our efforts would not be stopped.

We continue to work closely with all the stakeholders towards making Chegutu Municipality a competitive urban habitat. We have the Internal Audit Section under the Town Clerk's Department.

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