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The core responsibility of the Municipality of Chegutu, like other local authorities established in terms of the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 20) Act of 2013, is to provide municipal services and capital development to its + 50,000 citizens and; in accordance with parameters set out in the operative statute, the Urban Councils Act [Chapter. 29:15]; here in after called the Act. At section 133(1), the Act provides that a municipal council shall, in addition to any other departments of the council, establish a department responsible for the provision of administrative and secretarial services to the council, and such department shall be headed by a chamber secretary. At section 137, the said Act explicitly provides for the functions of the chamber secretary.

In addition to the designated functions of the chamber secretary, Government, through policy provisions and Council, in its operational wisdom, then assigned other responsibilities to the office of the chamber secretary. The Department has a total staff establishment of 89 but operating at a manpower level of 66, with the balance constituting unfilled posts. Notably, the establishment basically derives scientific value from the job evaluation exercise commissioned by Council and subsequently conducted by a reputable labour expert, Mark Jennings, in 2009.

Now Council has a conducive policy framework for enhanced operations. Major Policies such as the Strategic Plan, Clients Service Charter. Code of Conduct, Departmental Performance Frameworks. Valuation Roll etc are now in place. This has occasioned the significant strides posted on the service delivery and capital development front. Operations of local authorities, like any other organisation, are driven by policies, which spell out how work should be done and the quality standards expected. Invariably, a sound policy framework matched with implementation of the policies.

In line with best practices in local governance. Chegutu Municipality participated in the Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD) programmes aimed at nurturing sustainable relationships between local authorities and residents/ ratepayers in planning and implementing service delivery and capital development projects and programmes. The Chamber Secretary and the Mayor participated in 2014, while the Town Clerk and the Mayor also participated in 2015, while Cllr. Memory Banda also got involved in the programme in 2016. The programmes gave birth to the Chegutu Municipality Budget Sub Committee, which comprise 2 representatives from each ward, representatives of Residents' Associations, Business Community, SMEs, Church organisations and commercial transporters and Councillors. The Sub Committee is responsible for marketing and reviewing Municipal annual budgets to fellow rate payers.Council also participated in the STRAP programme from 2012-2015. which had the same objectives as ICLD.

The Central Administration is responsible for:
⦁    Provision of legal services.
⦁    Administrative and secretariat services.
⦁    Policy and coordination services.
⦁    Estates management and property valuation.
⦁    Human capital development.
⦁    Loss control and security services.
⦁    Emergency services.
⦁    Procurement of goods and services.

Presently, at Chegutu Municipality, the Chamber Secretary’s Department has the following 6 Sections




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