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Procurement Section under the Chamber Secretary’s Department came into being at the beginning of 2015 primarily in the aftermath of the appointment of a Procurement Officer. The Section derives legal mandate from both the Urban Councils Act in general and, the Procurement Act [Cap. 22:14] as amended, in particular.

The section is responsible for;

  • Administering tenders.
  • Acquisition of goods and services for use by the Municipality’s departments in providing Council services and capital development to residents and ratepayers of Chegutu.
  • Maintenance of Suppliers’ lists.
  • Production and submission of quarterly procurement reports to the SPB.
  • Advising and guiding the Procurement Committee on relevant regulatory and policy changes and developments in the procurement sector and, in close liaison  with the State Procurement Board. 
  • The Section has only two officers, viz. the Procurement Officer and the Stores Controller.