About us

Who we are?

Chegutu Municipality is a Local Authority which lies within the sub-national level of Government established to provide services to the residents of Chegutu Town. The Municipality is guided by the Constitution, Urban Councils Act (Chapter 29:15), Public Finance Management Act, Regional Town and Country Planning Act (Chapter 29:12) e.t.c.
Chegutu Municipality is designed for a purpose of excellent service provision to Chegutu residents. This Local Authority can be tracked way back from the Colonial era to current, whereby offspring’s and colleagues of the British South Africa Company (BSAC) spread in Zimbabwe to search for minerals resources.

In 1898 there were much mining activities in Chegutu and it became necessary to establish a Police camp on the site to the present day. Shortly after the establishment of a Police camp, a Civil Administration was set up by the opening of the District Commissioner’s office. The first civic authority was a Village Management Board (VMB), appointed in 1914 to facilitate and provide basic local needs which included water provision. The VMB lasted until 1949 due to the growth of the town, and then it was elevated into a Town Management Board (TMB). The TMB lasted until 1978 when the town was granted the Municipal status. Until the present day the town still holds Municipal status.



A Prosperous, Sustainable, Liveable and Attractive Municipality by 2030




To provide quality Municipal services and infrastructure to stakeholders in an efficient and effective manner through a committed workforce.




Accountability, Transparency, Integrity, Team Work, Inclusivity and Results-oriented


Our services

We offer a variety of services to the residents of Chegutu which includes the following:
Emergency Services
The Council is mandated to provide emergency services in terms of the Urban Councils Act 29:15 and the Civil Protection Act 10:06 for them to fully prepare, mitigate and respond to disasters that are likely to affect the residents for example the cholera epidemic. These services include firefighting and ambulance services. Readmore

Roads Construction and other Municipal infrastructure maintenance services
Chegutu Municipality is responsible for road construction and maintenance. Chegutu Municipality is currently implementing the second Phase of the Emergency Roads Rehabilitation project, targeting Hippo Pools road, Station Street and Concession Hill Road. Hippo pools Road has already  been tarred and completed. Completion of these 3 roads will witness a major face-lift of the Municipal surfaced road network. Readmore
Refuse Collection
Refuse collection is one of the most crucial services that Chegutu Municipaality is providing to its residents. To view our collection schedule Read more